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Friday, 15 November 2019

❄The Face shop rice water bright foaming cleanser Review ❄

The Faceshop Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser 

Hai guys welcome to the blogging world I hope you all are doing fine! 😊💕Since long time I was planning to buy this cleanser finally I caught this cleanser on my hand the face shop rice water bright cleansing foam Cleanser Cleanser is the first step in the skin care step cleanser not only cleanses our face along with brightening but it is also helpfully in removing makeup so today in my blog Im going to review on the Faceshop rice water bright foaming cleanser review 

      Price : Rs.650/- for 150 ml  

What the product claims 
This gently cleanses with brightening foaming properties formulated with natural cleansing agents including rice extracts and soapwort extract which leaves the skin with clear and beautiful complexion. Formulated with natural rice extract gently moisturises the skin by leaving no irritation to the skin.

  1. Formulated with rice water extract and soapworth extract which helps to remove makeup and any impurities from the skin
  2.  Gives instant brightening effect on the skin 
  3. Consist of foaming texture which is suitable for all skin types 

My review - The face shop rice water bright foaming cleanser

This little guy consist of blackish flip cap cover which is very convenient to control the pressure of the cleanser it is light pink peachy long tube which would definetly last for long  at first I brought it by assuming it would brightening by my skin 

The face shop cleanser definetly cleanser removes pollution,dirty or any impurities from the skin and makes the gives refreshing and flawless look as cleansers are to be used in the 2nd step of skincare regime

I have been using this cleanser from 4-5 weeks I dint notice any brightening effect but it made my skin and acne clear if your are the person who wants to remove those dirt from pores then this is not for you 


It comes in a long tube with light pink and peachy color with a flip cap where we can control the flow of cleanser. This cleanser is quite friendly to use and can be carried for travelling. When I first ordered it came with plastic wrapped along with the tube 




The fragrance is very mild and can be used by sensitive skin type people the cleanser is in thick texture which consist of small pink color granules 

pros of face shop cleanser 
  1. Cleansely gently and removes makeup and impurities or dead skin from the face
  2. Suitable for all skin types normal, combination and sensitive
  3. Mild fragrance which gives insant freshness on the skin
  4. Gives instant brightness or glowness on the skin
  5. Easy to use and travel friendly 
  6. The long tube lasts for almost 6 months or more than that depending upon the usage 
Cons of The face shop cleanser 
  1. The brightening effect does not stay long 
  2. Doesn't fullfill the expectation as I expected doesnot remove heavy makeup 
I would give 3.5/5 being more in positive way I gave this rating because it was not up to the mark as I was expecting 

Will I purchase again?
Hopefully not I wont purchase it again because it would last me for almost 6 months and brightening properties were not up to the mark as I was expecting 

Will I recommend ?
yes definetly I would recommend for beginners who are new for skincare regime 

Available on Nyka and Myntra 

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