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Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Review on Selenium Sulfide Topical Suspension Selsun Shampoo

Wednesday, January 01, 2020 0
Review on Selenium Sulfide Topical Suspension Selsun Shampoo
Hai  Beautiful ladies ,

After a long time im posting a new post kindly sorry guys I was suffering from severe health condition due to that I was not able to give time so finally I m here with you a new product Selsun which I was using from such along time I could say almost a year. As now winter has almost approached this would be go to product for each one in winters 

Dandruff is one of  the major concern where people face now and then. I was suffering from such a long time and im such a person my hairs just loves dandruff πŸ˜› just kidding . This little guy really has helped me a lot to just get rid of those itchy and flaky hairs thanks to Selsun 


Selenium sulfide 2.5%, Buffered Emulsion Base 

My experience on Selenium sulfide topical suspension Selsun shampoo 

The Shampoo comes in a white bottle which is packed with plastic wrap and it comes  with a cap at the top where you have to turn and open it there is no seal when you open the cap after every use you need to shake it as all the ingredients of the shampoo gets settled bottom layer of the bottle. The shampoo comes in light orangy color. whenever you use or apply it your hairs you need to dilute with water and later you need to apply it to your hairs 

The first time when I applied it to my hairs I felt some medicinal smell from my hairs and eventually I experienced that my hairs where totally fresh and cleaned.  I applied this shampoo in my hairs almost like 5- 10 mins and then rinsed off  if u have applied oil and expecting this shampoo will remove the oil. Infact your expectation will fail it would be better to rinse with normal shampoo and later go with this shampoo then definetly  it will up to the mark of your expectation.

I used this shampoo every once in a week whenever  my hairs were dirty or I had itchy scalp. this shampoo was my go to product in those days when I had no time to get rid of oily hairs this really helped me a lot and I also noticed that  around 3-4 weeks my hairs were dandruff free and my hairs were very soft . So, the shampoo will  totally will depend on your type of hair and the way you use it
and yes it gives you temporary result.

If you really want the result to remain with you then you need to take extra care with applying those nourishing mask for your hairs. And also include nutrious  foods in your diet

Directions to use 
  • Firstly wash with mild shampoo, then rinse Selsun on to scalp to form lather 
  • Shake the shampoo when ever you are using it
  • After leaving for 2- 3 mins rinse off with luke warm water 
  • Repeat this procedure twice per week  

Pros of Selsun shampoo 
  • Treats dandruff at first use 
  • loaded with medicinal smell 
  • Hair are completely cleaned at first use 
  • Shake before using as all the ingredients of the shampoo settles down 

Cons of Selsun Shampoo
  • Suitable for oily hairs 
  • Loaded with full chemical 
  • Free from paraben and silicone 
  • Does not foam well with hard water 
  • Not travel friendly as it consist of cap 

Available :Amazon

Rating : 4/5